Victoria handmade ® bags are waterproofpieces for whole year, without limitations in the Autumn / Winter Season.


  • Beeswax is a natural product that helps in the maintenance and preservation of your Victoria Handmade® bag!

    Use beeswax when you feel that your bag is with a ruff look

    - To clean & preserve the color and brightness of the bag, use a cloth with beeswax and go through all the piece, including leather and hardware accessories.

    - For a long term, avoid storing your piece in humid and poorly ventilated spaces - store it in its non woven bag (goes as offer when you purchase a Victoria Handmade®) in a place that circulates air (eg. hanging on a hanger, open cupboards - never closed -, etc.)

    Note: When storing your Victoria Handmade® for a while, first pass a good amount of beeswax over the entire piece before storing it - especially in the Acessórios de hardware, to protect your basketbag from moisture.


    - To keep the natural beauty of your bag much longer, apply beeswax between 1 to 2 times a month - depending on its regular use.

    - To clean moisture or dirt, make the above recommendations.

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