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Our Mission.

Today the Arts and Crafts are on the brink of extinction because we cannot survive from handicrafts as our ancestors did all their lives. We need to live off our work.

artesanato português


‘’We revolutionized the market just by making It fair, by working in a dignified economy, never before achieved.''

Since the age of 5, I have been working in this art without ever receiving a penny.


I made a lot of baskets like those you can still find today on fairs for sale by retailers, and a lot even in stores.


The biggest pity I have is to know that whoever made all those pieces, never received worthily for them.


I made Victoria handmade a turning point in this market. And I regret those who have not been able to do so before.


- Esperança Vitória, Artisan


We're blessed to continue our family heritage. But more than that: the legacy of Portugal. Giving continuity to an ancestral art with all ethical and sustainable social and environmental rights.

handmade artesanato


Victoria Handmade is based on humble principles. All of our products respect the ethical values of life: from their nature, to the hands that make them, until the hands that appreciate them.

ethically made

I. We are a Sisterhood of Nostalgia.

II. Our legacy is to multiply Stories & Memories.

III. Each piece is hand-made by us, in its own time, one at a time.  

IV. All bags use natural materials that respect mother-nature.

V. We work to preserve the Planet, preserve People & to preserve Craftsmanship.

VI. Handmade with Integrity.

VII. Having a wardrobe full of Soul and Timeless Memories.

VIII. Once you need less, you'll have more.

IX. We offer an Imperfect Perfection: as Nature itself dictates.

X. Craftsmanship lies at the heart of luxury.

Handmade With Care

By respecting time-honoured traditions from center of Portugal, the highest levels of integrity are manifested in every Victoria Handmade product.