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Backpack, Natural

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Not all of us are women of handbags. And it was for women like you that we developed this basket-backpack: never seen before, the first reed backpack on the market, transporting you directly from the countryside to the city in a single step. One thing we guarantee ... you will not go unnoticed, and everyone will want to see you from behind!

  • · Handwoven By Victoria Handmade In Portugal;
    · Colors: natural;
    · Waterproof - glossy protective finish;
    · Magnetic closure;
    · Protective metal feet;
    · Detachable leather strap - with length to accommodate on shoulder or for back;
    · Comes with a ''Basket Care'' pack;

We combine the passion of craftsmanship with the ethical values of life.

Victoria Handmade is based on humble principles, and we believe in sustainability in everything we do. From the people with we work with, their health, working conditions and livelihood, to the products we make and materials we choose from. We know the importance of protecting our planet’s resources, for a better production and a better tomorrow. Every single product is made with passion, love and heart by us for you.

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