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What *Slow Fashion* Really Means?

''Now seriously — I think slow fashion is ethical fashion.'' - Elena.

marca portuguesa

"I think slow fashion is also about understanding the whole story of each garment and appreciating the joy each carefully chosen piece brings. Knowing that the people who made my clothes were treated fairly and with respect as well as paid well for their work, brings a sense of empowerment to each piece. It's time we owned our clothes with pride, instead of our clothes owning us with guilt and insecurity." - Kate Arnell

We could say a lot more about what slow fashion really means, but I think we would never be able to summarise and clarify the idea as well as Elena and Kate - authors of the excerpts presented. Don't you agree with them? What is a slow fashion brand / product for you? Let your opinion in the comments below because this is a topic that we are very curious to understand what you think!

Until then, see you in the next Story!

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