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5 Portuguese Christmas Gifts for Her or Him to buy in the safety of your home.

This Christmas, don't offer a product. Offer a passion. And all that love could only come with a MADE IN PORTUGAL signature.

sustainable portuguese brands

What are you going to give your mother? To the Love of your life? To the daughter who finished university, to the Grandmother who raised you as a daughter? Or to your best friend, the sister who was always there when you needed it most, and even when you didn't need it?

What will you give to yourself this Christmas?

How many special people do you have in your life? Someone special deserves an equally unique gift.

None of them, especially you, deserves a mere product: rather, offer a great passion, a happy story, an overwhelming feeling. Show your affection with those you love the most.

With this mission in mind, this year we decided to share ''The Good Gift Guide'' where we help you find the perfect gift for a special someone. We started by showing you Victoria Handmade works of art that never fail, - that you can read here! - and today we've added other Portuguese brands to our guide to good gifts that, like us, represent the values of life we believe in: ethical, sustainable, fair and beautiful. The perfect gift for this Christmas.

1. @Ella, Timeless Art

Abstract Art Is Silent Poetry.

''I do art not to reproduce what you see; but to make you see; feel; love.''

These are the words with which Daniela, a Portuguese artist of unique or custom-made abstract paintings, speaks when it comes to her work. A recent project just out into the world where each work of art tells its own story through colors, textures and movements: one that only you can read and hear.

After all, art has the power to transform, illuminate, inspire and motivate. Just some of the best feelings and values we can offer to someone special this Christmas, be it a Woman or a Man.

How to buy or find out more? At the moment only from the artist's official Instagram, which you can find here.


Creating Art With Fragrance Since 1887.

claus porto marcas portuguesas

With over 130 years of history, Claus Porto is part of the Portuguese imagination. Can you imagine the tradition and love you will be offering someone in one piece?

''For more than four generations, Claus Porto has developed its expertise in the production of soaps, perfumes, candles, diffusers and shaving care, under a philosophy of authenticity and respect for the incredible and colorful portfolio of labels and patterns designed by hand, each with a unique personality.''

How to buy or find out more? In the online store or in the various physical stores.

3. @inusitado

A Relationship Between Paper and Design.

marcas portuguesas

Is anyone on your special list a graphic designer, writer, organization lover who likes to have everything booked and ideas that aren't real ideas until they're written down on paper? So the Portuguese stationery brand Inusitado is part of that person's wish list for sure.

What made us fall in love with them? The fact that, like us, they believe in and value traditional binding techniques and work with artisans to produce their products.

They were born out of the ''need to slow down the pace and to create favorable moments for that. through the intimate act of the paper, the relationship that is created with it. through the act of writing, leafing, sketching, designing, giving back to ideas, scratching and erasing. the interesting thing is the record and the process that remains and that, at times, we reread and rewrite again and again.''

How to buy or find out more? In the online store - and good luck not buying everything.

4. @OITO Atelier

Handmade Is Heartmade.

For plant or flower lovers, OITO's hand-drawn and handcrafted ceramics in Portugal are a real temptation. Its unusual shapes are the finishing touch to any decor.

If this wasn't another Portuguese brand born in the post-pandemic that won the hearts of many Portuguese: in the search to decorate their first house, Sara and João created this project without knowing that a great love would be born from that search. Together with Sara's ceramist father, OITO was born, so that not only could they decorate this couple's 1st house: but also that of many other Portuguese houses - and worldwide.

You can buy and discover these Made in Portugal ceramics in the online store - here.

5. @Chulé

Socks Are The New Ties

chulé marca portuguesa

Does giving socks in Christmas seem like a cliché that no one will like? Not if they are Portuguese! In other words: full of good taste. From the boldest to the most tidy, a sock has never made as much difference in the wardrobe as the Chulé brand - aka the portuguese name for the translation of ''stinky feet'' :)

''The concept took shape when, in addition to bringing color and fun to those who wear a pair of CHULÉ socks, we associated ourselves with an increasingly relevant theme these days: Sustainability. All our socks are made from certified organic cotton and our packaging is environmentally friendly, thus contributing to the sustainable growth of the brand. In order to consolidate the brand's concept, CHULÉ bets on national production, from the definition of each element to the production of each sock, with all pairs of socks thought, designed and manufactured in Portugal.''

Buy your favorite pair of CHULÉ in the comfort of your own home from the online store.

The gift we give someone says a lot about how much we love them. And nowadays, more than ever, we must support and love ours, so if you can support Portuguese Brands this Christmas, do so. Not only do you have a happy Christmas, you also make someone else's better.

Did you already know any of these brands? Comment below!

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