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How to use the beeswaw in your piece?

Have you ever wondered what is the bottle we offer in any purchase and how to use it? Well, today we're going to explain everything!

Our basket bags get better with age.

When finished, your victoria handmade is still adapting to its new shape and finish. Over time the reed smoothens, making it become a part of who you are.

Wear me often. Take good care of me. Share me. Pass me on.

Sustainability is at the heart of Victoria Handmade. With a little bit of care and attention your piece can follow you for years to come. To help you so, beeswax is more important than it looks!

What is beeswax?

It is a natural product that makes all the difference in maintaining the color and cleaning of your piece. In addition to preserving its natural beauty for a longer time, it prevents the appearance of dirt and hydrated the entire reed, which prevents it from breaking easily if it hits some stiffer area with your basket bag.

When and how to apply the wax?

Apply it when you feel that your bag is faded and dull, with a dry cloth all over the body, hardware and leather evenly.

EXTRA TIP: before storing your piece for a season, apply a generous dose of wax and keep it in a place where the air circulates!

How often should you apply the wax?

Do it once a month, or once every two months, depending on your usage!


The reed (raw material of your basket) is an organic plant. Take good care of your piece! Beeswax is a perfect ally, that's why we offer it: so you can take care of your Victoria Handmade and live unforgettable memories with her.

Did you like it? Save it so you never forget how to use the beeswax! And comment below if you would like to know more about your basket bag ?!

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