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3 Steps to build a more conscious wardrobe.

We cannot change the world. But we can change our attitude. And when it comes to sustainable fashion, change starts in our wardrobe!

sustainable portuguese basket bags

Consider this: for a long time you have been wishing a brand that is totally your style, so much that all your friends know about it or even share the brand's photos on your social media. If you knew that this same brand does not provide the minimum conditions for its workers, where safety and hygiene at work are not safeguarded, who live in poverty with the slavery regime where they work - imagine the number of people who paid for the pieces you bought - would be able to buy at this brand?

Or if you knew the impact of the beautiful poster brand you love so much, the amount they produce and the waste they don't take into account, that in 100 years' time we won't have enough trees to safeguard the future of our generations. Would you buy from them?

Ignorance is no excuse for our mistakes. As consumers, we have a duty to know what we are buying and therefore support the world we want to live in tomorrow.

To help you in this new step so important and crucial for the future, we've put together 3 simple tips to put into practice today! Find out which ones:

Buy Less!

Rule #1 is - and always will be - buy less. Easy. Like? Ask yourself first before purchasing:

- Do you really need that piece?

- Will it make a difference when combined with what you already have?

- Do you see yourself using it often?

The intention of buying a sustainable piece may be good, but the whole concept is ineffective if the clothes are in the back of your closet!

Support Ethical Brands.

Ever wondered where your favorite brand's clothes / accessories / shoes / etc come from? Who are the suppliers, how the production chain is built; are prices for labor and materials fair? How they handle waste? If they use sustainable products?

Conclusion: support brands that align with your own values and philosophy of life.

Buy Quality.

Having a sustainable wardrobe doesn't mean not having any pieces - and no, we're not ignoring rule #1!

Imagine you have 5 different pants in your closet. But if they last 10 years, how many you have saved during that period?

The longer the piece lasts, the less you will have to buy. It's good for the environment, and good for your wallet/budget!

These are just a few tips you can start to put into practice and revolutionize tomorrow! Comment below, what other tips would you give? :)

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