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13 Portuguese brands that add ethic and honor to your lifestyle.

It is time to appreciate the best we have, and without a doubt this means having a signature made in Portugal.

It is not for nothing that one of the first things you can read when entering our website is whether you would like to feel pride and confidence in yourself. Because we believe that your wardrobe should be rich in pride - from the hands that made your pieces, and the honor you feel when using them. Therefore, we decided to create the rubric #proundlyportuguese where we will share Portuguese brands that deserve your support and that will give your concept of life a sense of value and compassion!

#1 Carolina Curado Jewelry / #2 Olhardeprata / #3 alice & co / #4 Näz / #5 Sapataria Do Carmo / #6 Victoria Handmade

With the help of the talented image consultant Elisangela - @elisangeladooamaral - we share with you 3 looks that complement each other with national products and that make a difference in any outfit of a timeless and graceful woman. Portuguese brands that deserve our support - and this is also to follow and share their work, something that you can do at zero cost and that makes all the difference for these people - because they are what these brands are: real people.

#1 IrinasB / #2 Le Mot / #3 Aline / #4 Josefinas / #5 Victoria Handmade


#1 Sopro / #2 The Lover's Love / #3 Aly John / #4 Traquete / #5 Victoria Handmade

From clothing, accessories, footwear - sustainable, creative, quality and out of the ordinary - these brands make us all proud to be Portuguese and to use the best in our country!

Would you wear any of these very Portuguese looks? Did you already know any of these brands ?! Comment below :)

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