Taking into account the actual situation of Portugal, our Atelier & Showroom is right now closed. My Sister Carla is at home and my daughter and I are working from home: where I actually started the Victoria Handmade project well before I had a store. I can't let my hands down now because I don't know if in 15 days, 1 month or 2 I will be able to open the doors of this project again ... it's the reality. Therefore, the online store is operational and matching the shipping dates so that your Victoria Handmade bags reach your hands safely and we keep this tradition alive.

In way we can help you and give you all our positive energies, we created a rubric ''what's in my bag'' where every day we share a tip about what you can do at home and get out of this situation stronger than when you entered. Follow us on our instagram (find out everything on our highlights) and facebook.
I wish you all the best, soon we will be able to be together again because everything will be fine.

Kindly, Esperança Vitória - CEO

Do you have a physical store?

Yes, we have our atelier and showroom where you can get a close-up view of the production of our bags and buy.

You can use the GoogleMaps by adding in the search ''Victoria handmade'' and you will get directly to our door. Or write - Rua Engenheiro Monteiro Conceição nº84, 2480-403 Corredoura - Porto de Mós. 


What is the duration and endurance of a Victoria handmade® bag?

Our bags have the same limitations and resistance as any other leather purse, cork or any other common material. They are bags for all the year without any limitation in the season Autumn / Winter, all our pieces are waterproof - protected against the water, not damaging anything in the interior. It can pick up as much rain as a leather bag can, being the durability of a Victoria handmade® bag equivalent to any other purse kind.

What is the weight of a Victoria Handmade®?

The weight depends on the pieces you choose, however we guarantee that all Victoria Handmade® bags are lightweight, being the Reed - raw material - a plant, its weight is light. All Victoria Handmade® pieces weigh less than 1kg.

How much weight can a Victoria Handmade® hold?

Our bags carry a lot of weight - probably more weight than ourselves can. Being that the Traditional Portuguese Basket was a piece to take to the market in order to transport grocery stores, and since the material and procedures that Victoria Handmade® performs remain the same, a purse of ours can handle all the weight a person can take daily - and more.

What means of payment are available?

Payment can be made through the Credit Card system, PayPal & MB reference.

How much are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs of your Victoria Handmade® bag are free worldwide.

For which places do you send the Victoria handmade®?

Victoria handmade® are shipped to Portugal, all countries in Europe, Asian Countries and Rest of World. We already ship to places like India, Brasil, Hong Kong, Mexico, etc, and all went well.

If you want to confirm if we ship to your destination, please contact us through

How is done the shipping of my order?

The delivery of your order is made from the carrier CTT Portugal, always in registered mail. This Carrier company have an international line and partnerships with all local carriers around the globe, ensuring shipping worldwide.

Do I have a way to track the shipment status?

Yes, you can follow the journey of your Victoria handmade® through a code that will be provided to you shortly after the shipment of your order.

How long does it take to my order be shipped?

If the bag in question that you ordered are in stock, we ship it in the next business day, and the time to arrive to your hands depend the country.  If the pieces are not available for immediate delivery, you will wait for the production time - this being between 1 to 3 business days.

If you want your order be sent as soon as possible due to some commitment, contact +351 918 803 514 or an email to and we will try to meet your expectations.

Can i restored my bag?

Yes, we have the restoration service where 95% of the cases we can restore your piece when it wears out over the years. Please email to explain the damage and photographs of the same so we can find out the associated costs.

Does my bag have a warranty?

Yes, your Victoria Handmade has a 3 month manufacturing defect warranty. It means that any manufacturing defects will be our responsibility to ensure the restoration. This warranty does not cover wear and tear due to use or poor storage over time.

Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can. If your order has not yet been sent, you can always cancel it, being returned the payment already made. However, in special orders due to customization specially produced for the customer in question, when this order goes to production can not be canceled since the customer has committed to it with the customization.

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