Joaquina was a woman of hope. Always dreamy, letting yourself be led by faith and willingness to fulfill its desires. She was a caring and cherished woman.


  • Handcrafted Procedures;

    Unique size: L9xW4xH6inches


    Color: Red;

    Detachable shoulder strap in natural leather color 100% of vegetable tanning;

    Wicker handle;

    Catch closure;

    Pins at the bottom;
    Eco-friendly shiny shield finish;

    WaterProof  - All Victoria handmade® Basket Bags are protected against the water, being purses for whole year without limitations in the Autumn / Winter Season. The final protection that we have in our bags make them waterproof, being as resistant as any purse of any other material - Not damaging anything that might be inside the bag.

Portuguese Basket Bags Cesta Junco

toino abel cestas d'aldeia

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Ancestral art.