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Win a €150 Voucher! Happy Christmas Giveaway!

ATTENTION: this giveaway is currently not valid.

It's official: the Christmas season has started and with it our gift to you!

christmas giveaway victoria handmade wicker basket bags

We've never done this before — offer a voucher worth €150 + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE by registered EXPRESS mail that you can enjoy on your favorite Victoria Handmade piece, completely of your choice.

Yes, you read well: not the typical drawing of a basket bag chosen by us and risking not being ''the one'' for you. No. No way.

Will be YOU to choose your ideal masterpiece. That's because each of our artworks are made exclusively for a special person who is patiently waiting to meet their soul mate, and that's only possible if you're part of the process, isn't it?

And since not every day is Christmas — despite the old Portuguese saying that Christmas is when the woman wants! — this year we decided we were going to finish it in big style, and that includes making you happy.

The decision was not easy: in an attempt to remain sustainable while ensuring the ethics and dignity with which our pieces are made, we thought a lot about how we could make you happy without neglecting what we are known for: preserving an extinct art in an ethical, fair and sustainable way for Modern and Conscious Women.

That's how the idea came about, why not a giveaway? We've never done it before — and let's see how it goes — but when things are done with love and goodwill, everything gets done!

But let's stop talking and let's get down to business:

christmas giveaway wicker basket bags victoria handmade

How to participate in the Victoria Handmade Christmas Giveaway?

From the 25th of November to the 25th of December 2021, all purchases made from our online store or from our Atelier & Showroom (you can find out where it is here - click) - will be considered valid participants and on the day December 26th 2021 at 7pm, will be raffled live on our Instagram (which you can also follow here).

For each purchase made on the dates indicated above, an order number will be provided to you. All of these numbers will be drawn and one of them chosen blindly — the chosen number wins the €150 voucher across the online or physical store + free shipping worldwide.

And don't worry if you can't be live with us on the 26th at 7pm — the winner will be contacted via email.


- From 25 November to 25 December 2021;

- All purchases made with confirmation of payment within this period — in the online store and physical store — will be considered as participants of the Christmas Giveaway;

- An order number will be provided to each participant;

- All numbers will be drawn;

- On December 27, the draw will be shared on Instagram on our official page;

- The number chosen blindly will be the winner.

- The giveaway is valid for Portugal, Europe and International / Rest of the World.

How and when can you use this voucher?

Elected winner and how can he use his voucher?

You will be contacted by us and you will have to wait for our email. In this email we will provide all the necessary data to enjoy your prize! Which will be:

- The voucher will be sent via email with a unique discount code of €150 valid for 1 use only.

- The winner must access our online store or go to our physical store in Corredoura - Porto de Mós (15k before Fátima);

- Here you can choose your favorite Victoria Handmade basket bag and use the code indicated on the voucher to discount the €150.

- If you choose to purchase from the online store, the winner will have to be subscribed to our email list / Newsletters to be able to take advantage of free shipping worldwide in Express registration mail.

- The voucher will be valid for 3 months, from the 27th of December 2021 to the 27th of March 2022. If the winner does not use the voucher by the dates indicated, it will be forfeited and can't enjoy the value in question.

- The minimum amount to use the giveaway voucher is €150. If you do not purchase a Victoria Handmade piece worth €150 or more, the voucher will not be valid.

As you already know: we don't give discount throughout the year, because we ensure a sustainable price all year round and that means the best price for us and for the consumer. Shipping costs for those who subscribe their email to our newsletter, to date, are free. But a €150 voucher? It is a unique opportunity that may never happen again.

Therefore: good luck!

And Merry Christmas :)

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