Product Availability
Victoria handmade® does not guarantee that all items included in the online store are in stock at the time of ordering. We ask for your understanding in the delivery time being that all products are handmade by our on hands from start to finish and some of the processes are driven by the nature that we can not control.

If the bag in question that you ordered it's in stock, we ship it in the next business day, and the time to arrive to your hands depend from the country to country. More info about this will be provided to you by e-mail since this details depend from the country that your order will be shipped. - If you like to know before place a order, please send an email to letting us know your country.

If the pieces are not available for immediate delivery, you will wait for the production time - this being between 1 to 3 business days.

Victoria Handmade® will provide you all details during all the process of your order by email, so you can know the state of it and the delivery process of the same.


Shipping & Delivery
Without prejudice to the provisions of the previous clause regarding the availability of the products, and unless extraordinary circumstances occur, orders will be shipped within the date specified in the email that we will send, provided by us after your purchase. - If you like to know the estimate time deliver, please send a email to letting us know the piece you want to order and your country, so we can say when you can predict the deliver.

The carrier that will carry out the shipment will be CTT Portugal company that have an international line and partnerships with all local carriers around the globe.

To date, no Victoria Handmade orders have been left undelivered. However, delays may occur for any of the following reasons:

- product customization;
- specialized products;

- unforeseen circumstances or delivery areas.

If, for any reason, we can not meet the delivery date, we will inform you of that circumstance by setting a new date and we always inform you by email the confirmation of the sending.

If you have urgency for delivery, please contact us to


For the purposes of these Conditions, it will be understood that the "delivery" was made or that the order was delivered, upon signature of the person present at the agreed upon address.

Shipping costs are worldwide free.

Impossibility of Delivery
If the attempted delivery is not possible due to the fact that no one is found to be responsible for it, the carrier in question will contact for a new delivery attempt. 

Always confirm your mailbox, as you may have a notification indicating that your order is for lifting at the nearest post office. If you can not be at the agreed place of delivery on the scheduled day, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible to establish a new delivery date to

If the order is returned to Victoria Handmade Establishment due to unsuccessful delivery due to absence at the address, failure to pick up, insufficient / incorrect address, among others - by a customer failure -, Victoria Handmade is not responsible for re-shipping costs. These re-shipping rates on return items will be charged to the customer on a second shipping / delivery attempt.

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