Dear Friends, 

We truly hope that this letter find you, and all your loved ones, safely and healthy.

For sure this is difficult times for every single one of us, worldwide. And never we have been so closest like this day. Where the race, the color, the money, the sex, the religion... doesn't matter.

After one month working at home we finally had the pleasure to open the doors of our Atelier & Showroom again with the confidence that we are here to last, thanks to YOU ​​<3 GRATEFUL for all the support we have received. Portugal is beautiful, and the world is pure pleasure <3 

Know that we are still supporting the Hospital of Santa Maria at Lisbon and São João in Porto against Covid-19, thanks to you. How? By purchasing one of this two basket bags (click) 10% of the value will be donated for this Hospitals. #togetherWe'reStronger

Any way, we are hand making your Victoria Handmade basket bag with all WHO recommendations so they can leave our hands and reaching yours, safelly. 


- You can visit our Atelier & Showroom (know the schedule here) but with the mandatory use of a mask or visor.

- We have available disinfectant gel for you to use before, during and after the service.

- My Sister Carla is working half the time, to be able to support their children with their studies at home.

- Nina and Óscar are back to the Atelier and you can now see them again! - our team dogs.


- All team working for you, is having all care on the production of your bag: 

> Taking all necessary hygiene precautions to protect all the products;

> Regular hand washing upon arriving to work and between activities and contact;

> Closely monitoring any signs of symptoms every single day;

Please note that taking into account the hight quality of craftsmanship we work with and in order to respect all WHO care, orders are currently taking longer to ship than normal: between 3 and 10 working days. But if you have urgency in your order because it is a gift or another important reason for you, contact us to +351 918 803 514 or info@victoria-handmade.com We are available to help you.

Shipping carriers are running but some delays can happen due to services restrictions. However we will be checking them closely online with the tracking number.

At the time you receive your order direcly to your door - with the exception of absence at the address indicates and have to go to the post office to pick it up - here we leave some indications when receiving your order from the postman:

- As indicated by WHO, when receiving your package, do not touch your hands in your face;

- Discard the packaging after removing the contents;

- Wash or disinfect hands thoroughly at the end.

Although we are still scared, we have hope on victory, hoping that you have it also. So yes, we are still here, for you, for us and for everybody. Because we cant let this ancestral art die. 68 years ago, when my father learned this art of weaving reeds thanks to my grandmother Vitória and later taught it to my mother and sisters, I never - ever - imagined that I would feel the responsibility to preserve it in the future. That that would fall on me and my sister Carla, the responsibility of being strong, of not letting an art like this go extinct. I had never before been paid for my artisanal work, which today support my family and help my older sister to do the same: that we were THE FIRST - and the very few - to make this market of Portuguese reed basketry fair and worthy of your work. Thanks to you. For real, THANKS to you.

Always remember: Rainbow comes to all who go through the rain. So, do not lose HOPE.

Stay safe and take care of each other.

All love from Portugal,
Carla, Daniela, Nina & Óscar,

Victoria Handmade Team.

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